Amanda DeRose

Amanda DeRose
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ALUMNI AWESOMENESS: Amanda found her way to Carroll Community College for her VISTA project to help with the college's Food Locker in 2014. Nearly ten years later, she is still at Carroll, having climbed the ranks to become the Assistant Director of Student Engagement.

TMA VISTA PROJECT: Amanda ran the Carroll Food Locker program, providing students and employees with basic nutritional needs, including a food voucher program to help students and employees have access to hot meals.

WHERE IS SHE NOW?:  As Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Amanda directs the college's Service Learning Program, working with faculty to design and facilitate appropriate service-learning and curricular service activities for their courses, and maintain community partnerships. She currently also directs the Honors Programs and Career Development.

Amanda relays her vision for service learning and the role faculty can play, integrating it into the curriculum.

Amanda describes the success of the food pantry and how its grown during her ten years at Carroll.

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"Our food pantry is thriving, so it's definitely a success story. It's been around now for 12 years, and we have over 100 clients using it right now. So it has grown, and I've gotten to see that growth."