Aubrey Moorman - Gallaudet University

Aubrey Moorman

[Aubrey] has demonstrated outstanding leadership through his civic and community engagement and an amazing ability to coordinate collective efforts to support community and societal challenges through his work as Student Body Government President. … As [such], he has developed and maintained positive relationships with the student body, faculty, staff, and administration while advocating for social justice and student representation. Aubrey possesses a first-rate temperament, intelligence, and character. …In his capacities, he has demonstrated intellectual and cultural humility as well as active listening skills in grappling with wide-ranging dilemmas such as D.C. Statehood, the Electoral College, and racism.

-Ms. Roberta J. Cordano
President, Gallaudet University

I am forever grateful that my university's student body instilled their trust and confidence in my leadership. Last April I was elected to become the Student Body Government (SBG) president at Gallaudet University. Thus far, this year is one of my most humbling experiences to date. I accepted this job with the understanding that our incoming first and second-year students never had the opportunity to grace our historic campus with their presence due to COVID-19. Our third-year students got a small glimpse (one semester) of pre-covid campus life before we transitioned to a fully remote setting. Last but certainly not least, our seniors were exposed to a year and a half of our culture, traditions, resources, etc.

This year, my focus, along with the university's support, was to enhance the overall campus experience. One of the challenges at Gallaudet is that we don't have many students with leadership experiences in the college setting. Through collaborations with campus resources, SBG has been actively developing our student leadership. As a result, we are seeing an increase in student participation in events and organizations.

Additionally, I have successfully hosted events such as Homecoming and training workshops, collaborated with student organizations, provided leadership skills and training for student organizations, routinely met with the University's President and stakeholders to discuss urgent student body matters, and much more. Along with my presidential duties, I am also involved with the Center for Democracy in Deaf America (CDDA). One of CDDA's founding principles involves civic engagement, debate, and disagreement among deaf citizens of the United States. It is my goal to see the organization blossom and serve deaf individuals globally. The Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship will help me develop the necessary skills to build bridges across the world for a community that is not broken, but simply unfinished.

Aubrey Moorman

2022-23 Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow