Clay McIlnay - Allegany College of Maryland

ACM Civic Fellow Clay McIlnay

"Clay has a very diverse set of friends and advocates on campus whom he supports in a variety of ways, including rides when needed and giving support with class work. [He] displays an innate cultural humility, often sharing stories about his rural experience with his new friends from urban areas. Clay is known to be an active listener...which creates a very open and welcoming culture on our campus. [He] has accepted a student position on ACM's Civic and Community Engagement Committee....[which] will be actively working on re-certifying for Carnegie Community Engagement Classification status, and his help will be very much needed in the process."

Dr. Cynthia S. Bambara 
President, Allegany College of Maryland

Being part of a society that helps one another has always been a dream of mine. Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to help. I would try to get in a kitchen, try to take the dog on a walk, and even try to make someone smile. As I got older, I realized that I was suddenly able to do these different activities. I began work on my dream. I started by helping with a fundraiser to raise money for childhood cancer. I helped alongside my mom and many other hard working individuals. The older I got, the more aware I was of the filth captivating the beautiful highways, so I helped adopt a highway to get cleaned up. From there, my volunteering and helping others' agenda grew. It took trial and error, but the ladies of my church helped me make bed mats for the ones in need. We worked for a year and then delivered them to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania along with bags of goodies and supplies. For three years during that time, I helped with Crop Walks to raise money for third-world countries. When high school came, I continued to put my efforts toward a passion, helping children. For three years I volunteered for the After School Program of Bedford County at my old elementary school growing bonds and positivity with students. Presently, I continue to make an effort to help the community by singing for fundraising events and Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) events, helping the Southern Cove Fire Company, being engaged with TEACh Club, driving people in need, and at all costs making room for others over myself. ACM has allowed my duty of providing to others possible. A smiling face makes a difference in the world. It is a simple act, but a mighty outcome.

Clay McIlnay

2023-2024 Transform Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow