Marques Carr - Prince George's Community College


As a second year PGCC Business and Accounting student, Marques has demonstrated academic potential, exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to community engagement. ...His emotional intelligence and cooperative attitude allow him to work well with diverse populations and he is always willing to step up and lead in challenging situations.

-Dr. Falecia D. Williams
President, Prince George's Community College

Social work and outreach were instilled in me from childhood, so I feel as though I am responsible to help anyone and everyone I can. My increasing pull to social work came in recent times seeing the increasing numbers of young men who look like me in the penal system and in adverse situations. I volunteer with a non-profit called Deeds of Kindness Inc. and it has shown me how easily we can end up in a situation that is unfavorable, but it has also shown me the importance of aiding suffering humanity. I double major in Business Administration and Accounting, and I plan to use my knowledge, degree, and life to mentor young men and change the world one at a time. I plan to show that leadership is attainable, and anyone can make a difference. It is my mission to be a positive male role model to any young man who needs guidance because that was done for me.

Marques Carr

2022-23 Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow