Max Hancock - Frostburg State University

Max Hancock-1

It is my privilege to have had many interactions with Max as a student leader on the campus of Frostburg State University. …[P]assion and character stand out in Mr. Hancock – this is evident when you first meet him and remains evident with each ensuing interaction. He has a heart for the work that he is doing. Not because it looks good on a resume, but because it is for the common good of his peers.

-Dr. Ron Nowaczyk
President, Frostburg State University

The first step in being a standout leader is to stop striving to be a standout person. Not everyone needs to be the top of their class and the biggest hustler and the most involved on campus. Sometimes, the person who inspires you to do better isn’t someone who is perfect, but someone you relate to. Marginalized populations know this to be true- the people in our society who need the most support can least afford to trust their so-called representatives due to decades or even centuries of abuse. Many of the people who surround me, at both my day job in fast food and within the larger Appalachian region, have been hurt, betrayed, and disappointed by their political leaders. So don’t approach your peers as a politician. Approach them as a friend: someone that sympathizes with them, appreciates their identity, and respects their values. People don’t always need a flawless leader. Nobody will pass judgment when what you bring to the table isn’t prestige, but compassion.

Max Hancock

2022-23 Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow