Maggie Eckerson

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ALUMNI AWESOMENESS: Maggie was recognized for her achievements in service, meeting the President of the United States, Joe Biden, as she received a medal for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the White House. For the President's Lifetime Achievement Award, one must contribute more than 4000 hours of service!

TMA VISTA PROJECT: Maggie served as a Cultural Engagement Specialist with The Catholic University alongside the Pathways to College Initiative with Transform Mid-Atlantic (CCMA at the time) where she recruited and trained college students to serve as mentors for middle school students in underserved communities in the Washington, DC area.

WHERE IS SHE NOW?:  Maggie now works for the Department of Justice as an FBI Investigative Specialist.


Empowering College Students to Make a Difference: Maggie discusses training college students to mentor middle schoolers, using curriculum and "solidarity circles."

Building Trust Online During the Pandemic: Maggie relays how she gained Middle School students' trust and how revealing their "virtual" selves revealed their true selves when they turned on their cameras during online sessions.

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The President's Lifetime Achievement Award

In a White House ceremony presided over by President Biden, Maggie received two United States Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and the President's Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of her leadership abilities and initiative during her three years as a Peace Corps and AmeriCorps volunteer.


"I want to help people understand behaviors that can better their lives." - Maggie Eckerson