Anna Choudhary - Notre Dame of Maryland University

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"What impresses me the most about [Anna] is the ways she so often seeks to apply her knowledge beyond the typical classroom space in ways that benefit her surrounding Baltimore community. This is perhaps best evidenced through her work as a Bonner Student Leader...While it is apparent Anna has a commitment to being a leader in the Baltimore community, this also is true of her as a leader among her peers at NDMU...It is difficult to imagine a student who is more deserving or a student who will bring more back to our university community and surrounding Baltimore community as a result of this opportunity."

Dr. Marylou Yam
President, Notre Dame of Maryland University

At Notre Dame of Maryland, I am a Political Science and History, as well as a Secondary Education major. I also minor in Women's Studies and Philosophy, I am an Elizabeth Morrissy Honors Scholar, and I serve as a Bonner Student Leader. These experiences have provided opportunities to study and engage with topics I am passionate about from an intersectional perspective, as my courses give me the knowledge that I need to pursue advocacy in a more powerful way. I will use my degree to become certified to teach in my own classroom where I can share my experiences and what I have learned with future generations.

I am most passionate about advocating for women's equality and making education accessible to all. My experiences at Notre Dame of Maryland University have given me a space to combine these interests. I volunteer as a Student-Teacher Assistant in an 8th grade social studies classroom at Tunbridge Public Charter School in Baltimore. In this role, I was tasked with researching websites, articles, activities, and more on women throughout each time period to better incorporate their stories into the course curriculum. I also have an unpaid internship with the Women's Industrial Exchange in Baltimore where I also have been researching and rewriting women into history.

I believe the most effective way to advocate for women's equality is through education. Women are consistently left out of history and I am using my privilege as someone with access to higher education to share the stories of thousands of women who deserve to have their achievements told. By telling their stories, I am empowering the women and young girls of today's world to go out and make a difference.

Anna Choudhary

2023-2024 Transform Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow