Rebecca Overton - Howard Community College

Howard CC

Rebecca Overton | Howard Community College
Class of 2024 | A.A. General Studies

"I believe that Rebecca's demonstrated interest in these leadership opportunities are a reflection of her dedication to civic engagement, global citizenship, and diverse perspectives. Rebecca is truly earnest in her engagement and is a delight to work with given her excellent follow-through and highly responsible and affable nature. She has a documented track record of engagement at all levels - family, [Honors and Undergraduate Research] programming, campus community, and at local and state levels - that speak to the heart of how we affect change as a society. For all the above reasons and more, Rebecca would be an ideal TMA Civic Fellow as she will serve as a tremendous asset to the cohort. Rebecca will undoubtedly go on from HCC to leave an indelible mark on any community of which she is a part, campus or otherwise."

Dr. Daria Willis
President, Howard Community College