Sewell Cooper - Johns Hopkins University


Sewell Cooper | Johns Hopkins University
Class of 2026 | B.A. Public Health Studies

"Throughout his time at Johns Hopkins, Sewell has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, commitment to civic engagement, and a conviction for positively impacting his community. He has actively participated in various initiatives and projects such as the Black Male Initiative, the Black Student Union as community service chair, the Community Group Inc. as a youth mentor, and the Tutorial Project as a youth tutor. Off campus, Sewell has similarly made a meaningful impact by teaching karate to youth, helping to foster their skills, enhance opportunities, and build community. Through this experience, he has cultivated strong interpersonal skills and understands the importance of a compassionate approach to healthcare that addresses individual needs...I know Sewell Cooper will not only give his best in the program, but bring back the valuable skills he learns to our university and to the communities of which he is a part."

Dr. Ronald Daniels
President, Johns Hopkins University