Stephen Hook - Washington College


Stephen Hook | Washington College
Class of 2025 | B.A. Political Science and Communication & Media Studies

"Stephen's impact has been felt broadly across our campus. His Political Science professor has praised his approach to leadership and social change. 'Stephen recognizes that you can't run away from challenging conversations, but rather find a way to get the dialogue going if we are ever to move forward'...In sum, Stephen is an exceptional scholar with high marks across his courses. He is a first generation college student who powerfully articulates the significance of liberal arts inquiry and higher education. He is a bridge-builder that connects students with administrators, scholars, community members, and elected officials. And he is a group centered leader that inspires and fosters leadership around him. He is especially excited about this fellowship and is poised to serve with skill and care. His diversity of classroom and service experiences have prepared him to be a significant contributor to the TMA community."

Dr. Michael SosulskiĀ 
President, Washington College