Shani McClean
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ALUMNI AWESOMENESS: At Georgia State University, where Shani is now pursuing a graduate degree, Shani has created a student organization that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field of Dietetics.

TMA VISTA PROJECT:  Shani served at the Towson University Food Share Program as the pantry manager, where she helped address issues of food insecurity on campus and in the community.

WHERE IS SHE NOW?: Shani is currently a graduate student at Georgia State University, pursuing a degree in Dietetics - the science of how food and nutrition affect human health, with a strong emphasis on public health and education about dietary choices. She continues to study issues around food insecurity.

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Putting Theory into Practice  Shani reflects on the "life-changing" experience of her program-planning during her VISTA year.

How AmeriCorps Catapulted My Career in Food & Security Research: Shani talks about how her VISTA experience helped her get into and be prepared for her graduate school program.

Finding the Words - The Importance of Communication: Shani explains the value of the information that TMA provided.

Creating Diversity in Nutrition and Building Inclusive Care. Shani discusses the need for diversity in the field of Nutrition and how she is taking measures to address it.

Building a Supportive Community: Shani shares about the benefits of collaboaration and friendship during a VISTA year.

Expressing Gratitude: Shani thanks and credits TMA for the meetings and support to help her do the work during her VISTA year and beyond.